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  • The Change I Needed

    Most gyms:  Hope on a treadmill and do cardio for 20 minutes... EPIQ X: Actually learn about fitness and enhance your performance.  This equals, seeing amazing results within 2 weeks! Thanks guys! Lifetime Fan!...


  • The Best Year-To-Date

    Thank you for a great year!  You helped direct me to the right tests that could finally help me figure out how to reverse what was happening to my body.  You can't believe how many medical doctors could not.  Thank you for helping me meet my health goa...


  • I Can't Be Anymore Grateful

    I want to thank you for pushing me way beyond what I ever thought was possible and helping me achieve my goals of a healthier and happier life!!!...


  • Samantha C.'s success story

    These guys are the best!

    EPIQ X has the best trainers! I've personally trained with Martin and he helped me get back in shape after having a baby! He is extremely knowledgeable and he taught me a lot about diet and fitness based on my specific needs....

    Samantha C.

  • Vickie's success story

    The Most Comprehensive Gym I've Been To!

    I'm thrilled to have found a place like this! The on-on-one is intense but so worth it!  I don't feel like I'm just going through the motions!...


    3 year(s) at EPIQ X Fitness And Performance